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Cracked heels are a common problem in the legs, especially when skin elasticity decreases (usually with the passing of time), and is more commonly referred to as slits in chapped heels. At first, it is nothing more than an annoying aesthetic problem, but when the slits from the cracked heels become too deep, then the real problem begins, which can be caused by the lack of or poor care of the legs. In some cases, the problem with the broken heels can also be painful even when someone stands upright. The fungi in the toenails are a common condition, which starts when white or yellow marks appear under the nails. As the infection goes deeper and deeper, the fungi can cause a change in the color of the infected nail, or weak nails with fractures at the edges. This can affect nail poles.

FUNG STOP KIT helps very effectively in the healthy development of nails and healthy skin development on the heels.


Crack Prevent Cream - 60gr

Anti-Fungal Nail Gel - 15ml