Complete Series Integrated Instant Radiance & Anti-Aging

DIAMOND PROGRAM by  BEAUTY CARAT includes six unique products in 1 care Facial Program, especially designed for the face the neck & the décolleté. INSTANT SHINING & ANTI-AGINGWith micro-crystals - special Diamond powder blue milicapsules & peptides.Welcome to the wonderful world of Beauty Carat, where luxurious meets the Beauty!

Most of us take the diamond just jewelry, but not a random jewel, but a symbol of strength and beauty that gives abundant elegance to whoever bears!

In recent years, scientific studies show that the use of precious stones and metals in cosmetics are powerful weapons against the scars left upon us the aging process.

It is indeed reversible this otherwise natural process?

Of course it is ... sufficient, particularly a certain age and then to systematically care for good health of our skin and even with products that are not only related to basic care, such as hydration.For a young person simple hydration is exactly what you need!For a more mature skin, however, the requirements are changed dramatically, because the different requirements.

The Carat Beauty comes with three new series, integrated care and facial, neck and décolleté, to brake in time and give you results unique, satisfying your needs.

The use of Beauty Carat products is fun and luxury and a complete facial care, neck and décolleté.

The DIAMOND The program includes:

1. BEAUTY CARAT DIAMOND GEL Cleansing & Whitening - 100 ml.
With micro crystals- special diamond powder blue milicapsules, allantoin, extract Aloe Barbadensis & carrot.
Removes oilness sebum & toxins Removes sebum that blocks pores and maintain the natural skin ph Cleans & soothes skin.

2. BEAUTY CARAT DIAMOND MASK Regenerating - 50 ml
With Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, allantoin, microcrystals - special diamond powder, saffron and liquorice extract Cleaning in depth Restore radiance & freshness.

3. BEAUTY CARAT DIAMOND NUTRITIONAL day cream with sun protection 15+ - 60 ml.
Blue milicapsules, vitamin E, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, microcrystals - special diamond powder & almond.
Tightening & Remedy Attacking the wrinkles Shine & brightness.

4. BEAUTY CARAT DIAMOND CREAM immediate wrinkle smoothing - 30 ml
With Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, microcrystals - special diamond dust, wax, olive oil & carrot, saffron and liquorice extract immediate redress Conservation of natural moisture Improved face texture "Fills" the wrinkles gaps.

5. BEAUTY CARAT DIAMOND SERUM instant brightness & shine - 40 ml.
With microcrystals - special Diamond dust, D panthenol, olive oil, carrot & sandalwood, licorice extract Gradually eliminates freckles and blemishes and mild stains skin Immediate face reconstruction flawless result.

6. BEAUTY CARAT DIAMOND CREAM stimulus and revitalization for the eye area - 30ml.
With vitamin C, peptides, rose extract, licorice, Aloe Barbadensis, essential oils of almond, apricot, Jojoba, Olive oil.
Clears the eye dark circles gives more uniformly light tones, softens & firms skin around the eye area GIFT a hair ribbon and a sponge face.

The DIAMOND range that you hold in your hands is addressed to all ages - Express shine at younger ages Express & anti-aging and radiance to larger and more mature ages - men and women.

A complete facial care line with microcrystals-specific diamond powder, peptides & blue milicapsules For explosive shine Improves skin texture in depth Excellent for mature and relaxed skin.

Intense hydration & nourishment For firmer skin without flaws For special moments every woman.

All the Beauty Carat toiletries and beauty programs include luxurious, very pleasant and distinctive flavors, so that the care and beauty is now a pleasant and luxurious fun.

Our concern is your complete satisfaction from using our products.