Varicose veins grow, swell, and rotate, appearing blue or purple. This happens when the valves in the veins are not functioning properly so that blood does not flow effectively.

VEINS FREE KIT is a complete solution to all sorts of varicose vein problems. The products in this kit have the perfect blend of effective herbs for the best blood flow and anti-allergic action. VEINS FREE KIT Helps to cope with vein pressure and swelling in the veins and blood buildup in the legs due to blood clot in the veins.

• Reinforcement of the veins

• Improves blood flow and blood purification.

• Reduces inflammation.

• Helps improve vein tone and elasticity

• Helps avoid a sudden increase in blood flow

• Reduces the color associated with varicose veins and thus reduces the appearance of varicose veins.


Oil for foot care (roll-on) (50ml)
Gel for foot care (100g)