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About hair loss

The hair follicle is the fastest growing tissue in our body. Therefore in the event of any malfunction the hair growth is affected or even stopped. If the follicle remains alive, the hair can be re-created.

It is important to know that the number of hair follicles we have at birth remains constant throughout our lives. This number may decrease, but it can never increase. If there is atrophy in the follicles for any reason, the hair does not grow and this is a more common case in men. In a follicle whose hair is weak and very slowly developing, the result is that the hair gradually falls off, before the follicle is completely bent.

What is the ideal cure

If we want to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth we need to maintain high levels of testosterone in the hair follicle. This can only be done in 2 ways:

1. Either by increasing the amount of testosterone in the hair follicle by administering testosterone to the body or by topical application, which is practically impossible as it has many side effects and requires strict parallel medical examination.

2. The second possibility is to reduce the destruction of testosterone in the hair follicle by stopping the activity of the enzyme 5A-reductase.

Increased locally testosterone will stimulate activity in the hair follicle and consequently stimulate the hair follicle as well as the life of the follicle.

The ideal product for hair loss

The ideal hair loss product should have the following properties:
1. It should inhibit the activity of the 5A-reductase enzyme.
2. It should not destroy testosterone.
3. It should produce a high concentration in the skin, but not in the blood.
4. It should be applied locally and easily penetrate the skin.
5. It should increase the density of hair, reduce the hair follicles that are in the last phase of hair removal (telogen) and enhance hair growth.
6. It should not be toxic or have side effects.
7. It should be approved by local regulators.

Why choose Capilarine

100% natural - cosmetic quality products made at the renowned French research institute Vitro-bio of Naturveda, which won 2 international awards for the in-vitro investigations it has carried out.