Complete Series Replenishing & Anti-Aging

GOLD PROGRAM BY BEAUTY CARAT includes six unique products in 1 care Facial Program,especially designed for the face the neck & the décolleté.

Offers: Tightening - Regeneration - Anti - Aging Most of us take the gold only as jewelry, but not a random jewel, but a symbol of strength and beauty that gives abundant elegance to whoever bears!

In recent years, scientific studies show that the use of precious stones and metals in cosmetics are powerful weapons against the scars left upon us the aging process.
It is indeed reversible this otherwise natural process?
Of course it is ... sufficient, particularly a certain age and then to systematically care for good health of our skin and even with products that are not only related to basic care, such as hydration.

For a young person simple hydration is exactly what you need! For a more mature skin, however, the requirements are changed dramatically, because the different requirements.

The Beauty Carat comes with three new Beauty programms, integrated care and facial, neck and décolleté, to brake in time and give you results unique, satisfying your needs.

The use of Beauty Carat products is fun and luxury and a complete facial care, neck and décolleté. WITH SPECIAL GOLD DUST, GOLD & PEPTIDES MILI-CAPSULES COMPLETE SERIES DIRECT FLASH-RENEWAL / ANTI-AGING

The program includes:

1. GOLD GEL CLEANING results with botox -100 ml.
With allantoin, with Aloe Barbadensis extract, liquorice, special Gold dust and Gold milicapsules.

Rich in antioxidants Cleans clogged pores Removes toxins.

2. GOLD FIRMING MASK Face - 50 ml.
Retinol, allantoin, special gold powder, hyaluronic acid, collagen, licorice extract, carrot oil, Argan, acacia gum Gentle exfoliating in depth Removes dirt.

Effective action against pigmentation.

3. GOLD FIRMING & regenerating Day with sun protection factor - 15+- 60 ml.
With special gold dust and gold milicapsules, argireliniou peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, Argan and olive oil, carrots and liquorice extract.

Hydration and protection from everyday irritations Improves skin texture Explosive Glow - firm & smooth skin Perfect for all skin types Immediately visible botox results botox.

4. GOLD CREAM WRINKLE SMOOTHING with immediate visible results botox - 30 ml.

With special gold dust, argireliniou peptides, hyaluronic, collagen, retinol, Argan oil, wheat, Avocado & Jojoba, cocoa butter, carrot extract, liquorice & Aloe Barbandensis Smoothing expression lines & wrinkles Strong shield against the signs of aging.

5. GOLD MOUNT FLASH - 40 ml.

With special gold dust, retinol, collagen, D panthenol, almond extract, liquorice, carrot, Argan oil Cleaning and restoration of lost flash immediate resuscitation Fresh & youthful complexion.

6. GOLD ROLL-ON RENEWAL for the eye area - 10 ml.
With particular gold powder, peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen, allantoin, oil Argan, Emblica Officinalis extract, Bacopa Monnieri, licorice, mint tea, rose, basil, cucumber.
Immediate relief from puffy eyes and dark circles Tightens & minimizes wrinkles "goose leg".
Tightens & minimizes wrinkles "goose leg" Gives incomparable results.

GIFT a hair BAND and a SPECIAL SPONGE for FACE cleaning!!!

A complete facial care line of BEAUTY CARAT with special gold dust, gold milicapsules & peptides, collagen and hyaluronic acid.
It removes everyday dirt and protects from irritation Intensive hydration - Direct Restoration Strong shield against the signs of premature aging.
Restores the shine on your face Reduces the surface and the number of even the most deep wrinkles.