Sip & Slim Coffee Gold


Slim & Slim Coffee Gold is a sophisticated harmonious blend of unique ingredients incorporated into a fabulous 100% Colombian instant coffee blend that will help you in your quest to lose weight and naturally soothe your senses with its amazing aroma and taste.

Slim & Slim Coffee Gold is a carefully selected combination of 100% Arabic coffee made from excellent blend and six precious ingredients.

How does it work ?

Guarani, Blackcurrant, glucomannan, choline, nopal and green tea which together help to burn fat, regulate cholesterol and triglycerides, reduce appetite and regulate metabolism and rejuvenate the body. Caffeine along with carefully selected ingredients of Slim & Slim Coffee Gold help our body eliminate excess fat, help detoxify and regulate metabolism and normal lipid levels in the body. An integrated program that helps in weight loss and weight control, the proper functioning of metabolism in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in short, that is, confronts problems created by the modern lifestyle

Recognition with awards.

An excellent product made in France by the NATURVEDA Institute that has won two international awards for its scientific research and study.
A completely safe product that strictly follows the European directive and the E.F.S.A.

The golden opportunity for a shapely and healthy body !!!